About Us

Meet the pack!

We like to have fun around this graphic design studio, such as playing fetch, chasing cars or barking at any squirrel that dares to scamper on by….well, at least Mia does – our newest head of PR here at Sniff Design. The humans on the other hand make sure we stay on top of normal day to day pet related design tasks. But occasionally, it’s amusing to join in chasing cars…even if it means getting really odd stares.


Doxie Mom, Aunt, Cheeky, Artsy, Driven

Monica’s passion and love of animals and graphic design lead to the creation of Sniff Design Studio®, a ‘pawesome’ little pet atelier.

When she is not taking the lead here at the studio, you can find her reading, drawing, or watching sci-fi movies, as well as obsessively taking pictures of her miniature dachshund (wiener dog) or spending lazy afternoons with her beloved niece.

In addition, she also runs three other creative businesses: Sniff Design Basics the sister website of Sniff Design, where you can find ready-made pet business logos; Pretty Present – a gift wrap salon; and C Monica Design Studio.

Put simply, she’s a creative addict.


‘I am Second
Mother To Adored Wire Haired Dachshund
Pinterest Addict
A Blue Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Bonafide Dork, Cheeky, Artsy, Workaholic

Lana has been known to spend endless hours on the computer just for fun—she is a true code guru whose work, determination, and reputation is unparalleled.

When not being held prisoner here at Sniff Design, Lana can be found perusing Tutsplus, binge-watching shows on Netflix, or gaming with her hubby. First and foremost, Lana is a major animal lover and on any given day you can find her at home serving snuggling her four cats: Jack, Eeyore, Mr. Owl, and her newest addition, Cali.

She is also a true entrepreneur. Lana recently launched, and is successfully running, two additional businesses: Paws Agree and Work From Haus, where she is quickly garnering a large audience.


Adored Wife
Owned By 4 Rambunctious Cats
Tech Toy Collector
Eats, Drinks and Sleeps Code


Word Whipper, Discussion Diva, GIF Goof

Gabriella is a fellow creative who loves to express herself through various mediums. Gabi loves communication in all forms—she loves to help petrepreneurs find their brand’s unique voice through the power of the written word.

When not forcibly being worked over here at Sniff Design, Gabriella can be found proudly co-parenting her two young children with her goofy husband Geoff, forging new paths for family photojournalism, baking all sorts of delicious sweets, or playing with her beloved Labrador, Andrea, and 3 minion cats.


Mother Of 2 Little Humans
Owned By A Dog and 3 Cats
Award Winning Photographer
Gourmet Baker (for Dogs + Humans)





Ms. Mia, Fluffinator, Princess Woobie, Wookie, Ms. Winky Woo

Mia, our in-house puppy is so sweet that after meeting her, you may have to go on a diet.

Mia arrived here at Sniff Design in December of 2015. Mia is a 1.5 year old wired haired miniature dachshund (SQEAL!). She is also a rescue from Florence Humane Society.

Mia is a lively, delightfully playful and very very intelligent puppy who has become our newest muse. Mia’s name in Hebrew means beloved. It also means ‘mine’.

Best of all? She looks just like a Jim Henson Muppet and we think she may be part Ewok too.

2018 UPDATE: Mia has grown into a beautiful and still very rambunctious girl who still loves to play, steals socks and slippers and who will be the first to greet you here at Sniff Design Studio. She IS the weclome wagon and will lick you accordingly upon arrival. She wears her status proudly.



  • Ultra Fluffy
  • Park Ewok
  • Loves A Good Game of Fetch
  • Enjoys Chasing Clients Around The Studio (sigh)
  • Fellow Cat Hater
  • Sweeps Dropped Food Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
  • Will Lick Your Face Off In Two Seconds Flat
  • LOVES people + Kids So Much She Was Down Graded From Head Of Security To PR
  • Will (Demand) Yip At You To Snuggle Her If You Ignore Her At First
For Full View – Click On The Cute Image


Ms. Mina, Ankle Ninja, Sassy, Muse, Pearled Princess

Although small in size – Mina was force to be reckoned with and equally as big, was her loyal heart and love of food. Everyone who dared to visit Sniff Design, would ask where the armor was – so that they could battle the ‘dragon’.

From out of nowhere Mina was diagnosed with an aggressive form pancreatic cancer in early November of 2015. After only a few weeks her mom was forced to make one the most difficult decisions and decided to have her put to sleep. She passed away while in her momma’s arms.

She was so amazing. Late wife to Max. Beloved companion and willing partner in crime. Forever missed. Forever loved.

In homage to Mina & Max they have a cartoon modeled after them. Yep, these two have their very own dachshund cartoon we created to mock pay tribute to all of their antics.



  • Despised Cats
  • Loved Terrorizing Squirrels
  • Barked At Birds
  • Will Swoop Dropped Food Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
  • Favorite Snack Was Banana With Plain Yogurt & Pumpkin
  • Loved, Loved…Loved To Sun Bathe
  • Also trained in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (canine style)
  • Had Own Instagram, Twitter & Dog Blog + More! (she was busy gal).
  • Max’s No. 1 Fan
For Full View – Click On The Cute Image


Mr. Max, Ladies Man, Sir Gentle, Muse, Late Husband To Mina

Max was one of the most warm, sweet and loving little dachshund we’ve ever known. He was a true gentle man in all ways. So naturally he was appointed to head of PR here at Sniff Design. A title her wore well and proudly. Perhaps a bit too much because when any female client would visit he would rush to shower them with kissses. As for men visitors, he would simply sit and stare and then after a few minutes would warm up and sweetness would ensue.

He would let Mina eat first. He would always keep guard of her. He would also be the 1st one who greeted all guests with pure excitement. Max, passed away suddenly in spring of 2014 due to a sudden diagonosis of cancer. When he left; he took our hearts with him.

Late husband to Mina, beloved companion and willing partner in crime. Forever missed. Forever loved.



  • Fellow Cat Hater
  • Literally Tried To Make Out With All Female Clientele
  • Swept Dropped Food Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
  • Favored Snack Was Banana, With Plain Yogurt & Pumpkin
  • Would Moan If Was Hugged For Too Long
  • Walked With Swagger
  • So as to not be left out, also trained in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu with Mina, (canine style)
  • Mina’s No. 1 Fan
For Full View – Click On The Cute Image