Free Canine Christmas Card Template

Free Canine Christmas Card Template

As you know we LOVE all things canine and think them divine!
This is especially true around Christmas time.
From dressing them up using mini cute antlers to hanging their very own stockings.
Or placing a Santa’s hat on their heads and with unbridled joy insisting on taking them walking.
Best of all, is perhaps the joy they simply bring into our lives.
And a shared Christmas spirit with them is a delightful winter’s high.

Download this set and pair them with a present of choice or give them to all of your favorite doggie ‘fur-iends’.

  • Open the file using Microsoft Word or a similar program.
  • You will now see the designated area(s) of this template where you can replace the current greeting with your own.
  • You will also be able to replace the mock logo with your own logo.
  • Now print out as many as you need using card stock or photo paper for best results.
  • Cut around the edges.
  • Using the dull side of a butter knife, press down and run across the marked center to create a crease. This will keep it from cracking when you fold it.
  • These cards are 4.25 x 5.5 inches and will fit an A2 Envelope.

We ‘dig’ when we get to see our items being used, so please share with us by leaving a comment below or feel free to ‘tag’ us through Facebook. Enjoy!

[ Psst! We created a quick video showing how to edit this template ]



free-DIY-doggy-christmas-card-template-from-sniff-design-studio-card 1


free-DIY-doggy-christmas-card-template-from-sniff-design-studio-card 2


free-DIY-doggy-christmas-card-template-from-sniff-design-studio-card 3


free-DIY-doggy-christmas-card-template-from-sniff-design-studio-card 4

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Pet Cupake Recipe – Pawsome Peanut Butter Pupcakes

Pet Cupake Recipe – Pawsome Peanut Butter Pupcakes

With fall in full swing I have found that it’s my favorite time of year to my cooking on and in ‘pawtciular’, I love finding new recipes to make for Mia – our in-house pup. So, naturally when I came across this recipe via Rebecca’s blog ( Sugar & Soul )  and fellow doggy momma, I knew I just had to share it.

Rebecca's beloved dog( Rebecca’s beloved pooch and fellow pupcake lover )

Mia, like all dachshunds, loves to feast on just about anything home-made and fresh made. Heck, this little beloved beast loves to feast period! So, cooking for her is not only fun but quite fulfilling too – and yes, pun intended. 😉

Sniff Design Studio's In-House Puppy - Mia the beloved dachshund

What I favor most about these pet-treats, is that these are really simple to make and are completely dog-safe. They are made with whole wheat flour, yogurt, apples, honey and peanut butter. The frosting on top is unsweetened whipped cream. So yummy for the tummy! Enjoy!

free peanut butter apple dog cupcake recipe treat download

free-apple-peanut-butter-pupcake-dog-recipe 2 print



Tail Tuesday – Free WildWash Desktop Downloads

Tail Tuesday – Free WildWash Desktop Downloads

Hooray! It’s Tail Tuesday (A.K.A. Tushy Tuesday).

So, we’re a little overly excited for today. Guess why? We’re thrilled that one of our very own Sniff Design and award winning client’s (WildWash All Natural Pet Shampoo – located in London, UK), has a new blog post sharing one of the best freebies we’ve seen in quite some time. Visit their blog to see and download this set of beautiful and custom illustrated desktop backgrounds; all for free. Or, you can do it here. (hee!) Oh! And please feel free to share or pin them too.

So come and dig in. Enjoy!



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Fur Friday – Pepper The Puppy

Fur Friday – Pepper The Puppy

It’s Fur Friday!

This is going to be a bragasaurus type post for our blog today. You see, one of our own clients WildWash has posted an irresistible video of Pepper, a French Bulldog puppy getting her very 1st bath. Cue in the ‘oooos’ and ‘eeeeeee’! There is nothing like watching a little pup getting bathed while listing to a sweet and cheery song in the background, to cast a smile on one’s heart. So, without fur ado meet Pepper!

DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

It’s Friday Freebie time! Here is a perfect fall project to create something soft and warm for your sweet pet. You’ll have a chance to make something really nice with just a couple of tools and your pet will have its own, special custom made place.

For detailed steps, visit this handimania post. You will need a little sewing skills. But don’t be a fraidy cat, it shouldn’t scare you off though because it involves just basic stitch that will be hidden underneath the main part of the bed. This project looks so cute, that we are going to give it a try and see if we can make one for our own in-house dachshunds (Mina & Max).

Have a great fun and make your pet the happiest one.

DIY dog bed - fun design

Free Facebook Covers – Pet Design Theme

Today is the 9th day of our 10 Days of Giveaways-Celebrating 10 Years of Success birthday bash! The end is nearing, so be sure to download this awesome Facebook cover design. This time we decided to create a set of pet themed Facebook covers that will be sure to help make your Facebook page stand out from the pack.

Here are three fun pet design themes to choose from: Dog Lover, Cat Lover and Pet Lover (an all around pet theme for pet lovers of all kinds). So, get your ‘bark’ on and download this here freebie set. Woof! Meow!

pet design Facebook cover by Sniff Design Studio


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