pet web hosting services

In addition to creating a custom pet business website for you or a custom pet blog design, we can host it!

Our hosting packages range from simple hosting solutions to support your small to medium pet based website for full support of larger sites to sites that have a built in editor.

For example, we can support sites that use WordPress (WP), which has now quickly become THE site editor of choice because it’s one of the easiest program’s to learn and use. In other words, we LOVE it and we TRUST it. Contact us to find out how it will serve as a great asset to your newly created pet website.

Since you will be naturally looking for a hosting company that balances affordability, excellent “up-time,” and beneficial services you can be assured, that Sniff Design Studio’s web hosting service will be all of this, plus more.

Here are just a few reason why hosting with us is not just a good choice, but a wise one:


*99% up-time

FREE set up &configuration – we do it for you!

FREE EMAIL setup or forwarding.

FREE domain based e-mail addresses (Ex: = (

FREE “coming soon” page. A simple and customized place holder announcing the pending live site.


We are a small business and that is a good thing.

Since we are not a large multi-conglomerate company, we are easy to reach. So, what does this mean for you? Simply put – it means that you won’t find yourself stuck in an endless phone or email maze just to reach someone.


Your site is held, hosted and facilitated right here in the good ol’ USA.

In other words, this means that the server you will be housed in, is owned and run by fellow citizens and the money in part that you are paying will go to help boost AND support the financial health of our American economy.

*Simply means that there’s 1% chance that your site may be unavailable due to internal maintenance that serve to help keep it fully functioning & secured.