We work to inspire brands while crafting identities with meaningful, purpose filled and eye-catching designs.

After all, good design is key to gaining and maintaining important customer response to a product or idea. Presentation is everything, no bones about it.

We help elevate valued businesses to become great ones with inventive, creative and remarkable (‘barkable’) branding.

This is how we build lasting relationships with all of our clients, a relationship established on trust, originality and creativity.

We’re an award winning pet business branding and design studio with 15+ years of experience.

We have been collaborating with like-minded businesses both nationally and internationally, since 2003! We’re hight familiar with the pet industry market and we LOVE the pet industry market.

We’ll give you that needed edge to compete in this exciting and expanding pet niche industry.

Logo Design

We have extensive experience designing a wide variety of unique pet business logo designs. From pet boutique logos, pet sitting logos, pet photography logos, pet fashion logos, pet product manufacturer logos and more!

If you’re looking for a custom pet business brand that is specifically designed, refined and catered just to you; you’ve come to the perfect place!

Print Identity

Pet business cards and stationery set design – (8.5 x 11 letterhead with matching standard sized envelope) to start,  is one of the many print related design services we offer. This also includes flyers, rack cards, gift cards, hang tags and more.

Created and customized JUST for you. So, you can be assured that your pet design will fit your business ‘purrr-fectly’.

Web Design

At this pet design studio we create one-of-a-kind and powerful websites for pet businesses. Stand out from the pack, by having a custom pet web site that create will create a meaningful and user friendly reflection of your brand.

If you’re looking for a starter package, you can opt for our newest web design service: The Puppy Web Starter Package.

Package Design

Looking for custom pet package design solutions? ‘Purrrfect’!
We’re here to help you by creating, designing and developing it. We’ll work closely with you to create first-rate packaging that will prove to be creative and crafty; while helping to make  you stand out from the pack.

Social Media Design

Social media is here and there has never been a an easier way to expand your pet brand or express your company’s message to a wide audience. So, why not go the extra mile and have your social media presence solidified by us? We humbly think that you’ll be ‘The Cat’s Meow’.

Infographic Design

In need of a pet industry infographic? We here at Sniff Design can create and present your statistical data to a niche audience in a manner that will be fresh, appealing, relate-able and most important: memorable. So, let’s get started. Come and sniff out our pet infographic designs.

Publication Design

Publication is the thoughtful process of integrating text with images to support the given content. From business article design, general pet publication design, to creating custom pet magazine layouts, to book designing book covers and more…we got you covered!


Nothing like having custom pet or animal illustrations to help immediately garner an audience or use to expand pet business’s branding and/or marketing efforts. From custom thank you cards, to branded icons and more, hire us and consider us as part of your pack.


Sometimes when it comes to pet related graphic design; there are certain needs that can fall out of the general category. From dog trainer clicker design, to online ad design, to retail graphics and more – we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your pet business design needs.